Human influence on predator-prey relationship: Red Panda and Snow Leopard


This paper is a mathematical model based upon the human influence on the predator-prey relationship between Red Panda and Snow Leopard, which are the major species in the mountain ecosystem. It explores if these species get extinct in a certain area due to imbalance in their interaction. First, simple model of the species is discussed with no interaction between the species. Interactive model is then introduced to simulate their population when they interact with each other. The human influence is then introduced to the interactive model to observe if the species get extinct. The data in this paper are approximated for a certain area based upon the population density and habitat of the two species. All the models are simulated in python programs using Euler’s method.

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Kafle J. 2019. Human influence on predator-prey relationship: Red Panda and Snow Leopard. PeerJ Preprints 7:e27896v1

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