In Sync with the Multiverse


With a tired voice, I sigh, ‘If only things used to be so simple like it were before.’ Why wouldn’t I say it with all that had happened? At least, I wouldn’t be in this bizarre world.

It was the year 2020. Though being a high school graduate, my immense interest in theoretical physics and mathematics motivated me to start looking at string theory and higher dimensions as the next step to life. What else there would be? The possibility of the existence of a multiverse was high, but the probability – not so much. As I would say then to my friends: time travel, higher dimensions, parallel worlds…everything would be possible with the existence of multiverse and proof of string theory. As cheerful as I have been throughout my life, as thoughtful and dedicated I had been when figuring out the mystery of the multiverse.

But who would know I would change the whole physics and the perspective of viewing the world through my discovery. That’s exactly what I did. I think I was more curious than I should have been. With time travel possible with my breakthrough in string theory in the year 2023, I had the curious thought if I could travel to the Big Bang. Not a great idea! But, I know, if I were to do it again, I would do the same without a second thought. It’s a loop!

I assert: the speed of light is not the fastest speed we can travel with. There are quantum entanglement, quantum tunneling and a whole bunch of quantum phenomenon which transmit information, waves, and particles at speeds greater than the speed of light. Amazing, isn’t it? So, I take my warp space-time projectile and travel to fulfill my idea of going into the Big Bang. How did everything happen? Even if I had string theory to unify all the fundamental forces in the multiverse, I was still trying to figure out how everything originated. If time is a rate, what causes it to change? With the quest to find all these answers, I start my journey. Beats to say this, I was alone in the journey. No companions.

To the Big Bang, I was surprised to see all. I thought I wouldn’t exist in the time when the matter wasn’t even formed. But, to my surprise, everything was a loop. I felt infinite at the moment. I could see the end and the origin of the multiverse. It has always been a cycle: a cycle of existence of universes, the existence of living beings and everything.

I felt infinite at the moment. I could see the simulation of the multiverse on my computer come true. The multiverse was simple, everything was simple. But, I wasn’t after that instant. I could feel the multiverse inside me. I could feel the pain during the death of stars. I could feel the happiness and sorrow of every living being in the multiverse. I was no longer a mere human figuring out the existence of the multiverse. I was in sync with the multiverse. I was the multiverse itself, trapped at the point of time when I die and take birth.

The cycle continues, with the end of a multiverse cycle, it repeats. It is kind of boring that the same things occur again. It’s constant. There are no millions of possibilities – everything is set to occur again. Because it is a time loop. I am the loop now. I am the paradox now. I no longer exist in the multiverse because I am the multiverse now.

I believe this is the year 2380 where I used to live and everyone knows about the existence of the multiverse. But, they don’t know the multiverse is the same thing which I am. I feel bored to see the same things again. But, no I can’t change. I am alone. I am bored. I still have 1000 trillion years to live.

I know you will receive this information encrypted in a quantum shell. But, don’t think of saving me – and I bet you won’t. Because I know everything that happens: you won’t come because now you know you will become like me – trapped in a multiverse time loop. If only things were that simple.

-Jagat Kafle


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